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Frequently Asked Questions – Pack and Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C.

  • Why does Pack and Stack Storage Solutions need my e-mail address?
  • Can Pack and Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C. pack my belongings for me?
  • Where are your terms of service?
  • How do I schedule a drop-off?
  • What happens if I don’t know my drop off address for the next semester?
  • Are there any important dates I should know about?
  • Can I get extra supplies? (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc…)
  • What if I just get a few people to share a package deal with me?

  • What do your storage prices include?
  • When do I pay?
  • How do I pay?
  • What methods of payments do you accept?
  • Is there a deposit needed?
  • Can I get my deposit back if I cancel?
  • Are there any hidden fees or penalties?
  • How does the referral program work?
  • How can I contact someone to go over my bill?

  • What does the insurance cover?
  • Does storage already include insurance?
  • How much is insurance?

  • What happens if I miss my scheduled time frame?
  • How do I schedule a pick-up for my belongings?
  • How do I know how many boxes I will need?
  • Where do I get labels for my belongings?
  • Do you pick-up and deliver off campus?
  • Do I have to be there when you pick-up and drop off my belongings?
  • What if I have more or fewer items than what I ordered for storage?
  • Can I pull my belongings out of storage early?
  • Can I store my belongings for a longer period of time than initially planned?
  • How do I get my packing material?
  • Are my items safe and secure?
  • Can I store items that won't fit in boxes?
  • Is there a minimum number of months?
  • Is there a weight limit on the boxes?
  • Can I cancel my service/order?
  • Is there a weight limit on Misc items?

  • Is there a Weight Limit?
  • Do you ship International?
  • Do you pick up my belongings for me?
  • What do I have to do to Sign-up?
  • What happens if my item can not fit in a box?
  • Do all my items need a box?
  • Can you pack for me?
  • Can you store my items for a while before you ship it?
  • Is insurance included?
  • How do I track my shipment?
  • Can you ship my items to multiple locations?
  • Is there a shipping form I have to fill out?

  • How is the price determined in a Local Move?
  • How is the price determined in a Long Distance Move?
  • Can you also pack for me?
  • Can you bring supplies?
  • Can you just help me move? I don’t need the truck or packing. I just need labor?
  • I just need a truck, can you help?
  • What is included in the Local Move?
  • What is included in the Long Distance Move?

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