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Stay Relax And Worry Free With Our Superior Moving Service!

Local Moves cost $125 per hour; this includes a team of 2 laborers, packing service, truck rental & driver and includes un-packing service, with a minimum of 2 hours. To save time add an additional laborer for only $75 per hour.

Tired of moving? Don't have that extra time? Can't lift those heavy items? Can't decide what to do first? Forget about it! Let us do the thinking, packing, moving, lifting, bending and driving for you. Call for complete details and quote! It’s not a crime, take back your time, give us a call, we're worth your dime!
Long distance quotes are custom quotes. These quotes depend on various factors such as starting and ending location, residential vs. commercial and service requested. Please fill our service request or contact us for more details.

Moving far away! Call our customer Service Rep today, to receive your personal quote. *NO pricing listed call for quote*
$75 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. To save time add an additional laborer for only $25 per hour. Please note this service only includes packing & un-packing, not loading or unloading, please see Labor Help Below.

With our packing service, you will receive elite treatment while our professional packers pack each of your valuable items securely and safely into your boxes, while you sit and observe and relax, knowing that your moving day is easier than your friends or neighbors could ever imagine.

Add complete service and have our packers move all your items and bring them to your future destination or store them in our warehouse while you decide when you want your items to arrive! Contact our Customer service Reps for complete details.
$65 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. If the distance is over 10 miles, then there is a mile surcharge of $3.50 per mile.

If you already have enough to deal with and just can’t find the time to deal and drive, let us take that valuable time and extend it for you. Hiring our Truck and Driver to do it for you. Giving your back your time, it’s worth every dime.
$85 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. Each additional laborer is $35 an hour.

Alone and everyone you know seems to be too busy to help? Call us-We can give you the service that you are looking for.

We can provide those people that can lift those heavy objects that you can’t and get you started for when you’re ready to depart, call us up and let us help you start. Our people will lift and bend until the end!
We now offer a Superior Moving Service!
Wherever you are, whether it is cross the country or across the street, Pack And Stack will not be beat!
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