Study Abroad Storage Service
We store all your belongings while your out of the country!
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Supplies Dropped Off

You pick the time you want your supplies delivered and we bring them to your door.
Pack and Label

You pack up all your belongings and label every box and item, or hire us to do it for you!
Items Picked-Up
At the scheduled time you selected, we pick up your items right at your door.
Items Safely Stored
While you are away, we will store all your items in a clean, dry and secure facility.
Items Delivered
When you are back; we will deliver all your belongings to your front door.
Your stuff weighs a ton, Let us store it while you study abroad and have fun!

Pack and Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C. will deliver your boxes & materials you ordered to your front door the week before finals begin. Then we will pick up all your items directly from your front door at your scheduled pick up time. From there, Pack and Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C. will safely and securely store your items until the end of the storage period. Finally, Pack and Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C. will deliver your items to your front door at the beginning of your new semester. We do all the work for you!

Our storage service is not just for college students anymore; we now store almost anything you might need stored. Household items, outside equipment if you don’t have any room in your garage or no garage/shed, recreational vehicles and so much more so we will pick it up and store!
If you are in need of a box to fit your flat screen TV, or a valuable odd shaped item that you feel extra protection inside a box would be more preferable to you, no need to worry or stress about that. Just give us the dimensions of your item, and we will obtain a specialty box just for your special item. Yes, it is just that easy, we here at Pack and Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C. want to make every effort to making your life easier and less stressful.
$75 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. To save time add an additional laborer for only $25 per hour.

With our packing service, you will receive elite treatment while our professional packers pack each of your valuable items securely and safely into your boxes, while you sit and observe and relax, knowing that your moving day is easier than your friends or neighbors could ever imagine.

Add Complete Service and have our packers move all your items and bring them to your future destination or store them in our warehouse while you decide when you want your items to arrive! Contact our Customer service Reps for complete details.
There is a weight limit on boxes of 50 LBS and if boxes weigh more then 50 LBS a overweight limit fee will occur.
Insurance can be added in increments of $100.00, for an additional $2.50 for a maximum of $500.00 per item and a maximum of $1,500.00 per order. See Terms of Service for details.
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