Who We Are - Pack and Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C.
Pack And Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C, was founded by a college student with one goal in mind; to relieve the stress of storage for college students across the country. As a college student I felt the stress of maintaining high grades and remaining involved on campus. The last thing I wanted to do was worry about packing up all my belongings, and then the added stress of finding storage in time.

This is something many students face since many higher education institutions do not provide on campus storage opportunities, or help in packing and the supplies that are needed to pack my things. Thus Pack and Stack Storage Solutions L.L.C. was brought to life. I remain committed to storing for students and I have now spread myself out there for families that do not have the time to handle everyday stresses, work, children, life! Therefore, I am now relating to all these new stresses that I felt living in NYC and dealing with my own family issues and finding that extra time that is just never enough, to pack, move, and finding a reasonable price.

That was the turning point of becoming such a larger company and taking over some of the demands that everyday life now consumes. Pack and Stack provides everything anyone now can need to store, move, ship or pack, for any of our customers busy students or busy families, that are in need of that extra time, we give that back to them by doing the work for them, taking the stress out of their busy lives and giving back that lost time.